First Ever Decentralized Platform for Comics & Animation Industry

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Warrior Comics is the first ever decentralized blockchain based entertainment portal. It is a platform that allows the artists to show their 2D, 3D digital art to the world.

First ever animation tube- shaping entertainment, shaping world.
  • Virtual Heroes, Villains and Empires.
  • Epic spectacular stories.
  • Bestowing Relentless Animation.

Warrior Token

The Warrior Comics platform brings creators and consumers, in the comics and animation field, altogether. The ecosystem works on its own cryptocurrency - Warrior Token. Based on the blockchain technology, it has an increased level of security preventing the system from hacking and fraud. It makes this platform incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions where user can access content easily, protect his intellectual property and manage his assets and digital rights.

Expert Ratings

Top expert rating in ICO's

Modeling Animation Future

WC is the first ever blockchain based revolutionary platform which is modeling animation and entertainment by eliminating all the present problems of digital industry. What's clear is that, readers are hungry for comics, titles and our platform provide new ways (3D animated videos, AI enabled 2D and 3D characters, digital comics, motion comics, and astonishing effects) to meet their expectations and let them dive in the thrilling, convenient world of digital comics.

What are present problems in Comic industry?

Growth in digital comics is clearly expanding. Well, thanks to interesting movies adaptations that have dominated box office and well not to forget growth of 3D Animation as well as artificial intelligence. But still digital world of comics is facing major hitch. Problems for everyone including users, creators and also in the portal exist;



WC is first ever revolutionary platform which is based on blockchain technology, making its working to be fully reliable, and transparent.

WC is a transformation in entertainment industry as interested consumer can even easily lease out our famous characters and can use them, as simple as car rental industry.

Motivating ART - Under WC banner, artists, new creators will be given full opportunity to present their work and will be given royalty for their work too.

Integration with different other related companies also increases its functioning ability.

Token Details


30% Crowd Sale
40% Retained by WRT for ecosystem
1% Cost associated with ICO (Exchange listing, Pre promotions, ICO launch, Pre ICO marketing, Transaction GAS values etc.)
9% Marketing and bonus (To be released by Admin using owner only function
10% Partners and Advisor (12 months lockin)
5% Project team (6 months lockin)
5% Tokens Presale


60% Product development
30% Marketing & Promotion
10% Operation & Others

Token Sale


Pre-sale Duration

8 weeks

Ends on

Token sold or end Date Reached

Start Date

14 February, 2019

End Date

14 April, 2019

Number of tokens for sale

5,000,000 WRT

Exchange rate

1ETH= 360 WRT

Acceptable currencies


Min/max transactions

333 WRT / 350,000 WRT

Pre-sale Offers

Crowd Sale

Start Date

15 May, 2019

End date

14 July, 2019

Number of tokens for sale

30 Million

Acceptable currencies


Min/ Max transactions

333 WRT / 350,000 WRT

Exchange Rate

1 ETH= 360 WRT

Token Holders Benefits

Token Name

Warrior Token

Token Symbol


Token Standard




Total supply

Total Supply: 100 M

General description

WC is not just a platform, but also a whole ecosystem, including application and content developers, platform partners and millions of users. The internal economics of the ecosystem cannot exist without its own currency, the role of which will be performed by Warrior Token (WRT) Warrior token (WRT) will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC223 standard. Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration with these services. Ethereum platform fully supports smart contracts that will be used to implement a number of functions in WRT platform. Well, blockchain technology is trustworthy and transparent, thus enabling more efficient working model and trusted relations between participants.

Functions of tokens

  • Internal currency of WC platform.
  • For economic transactions within WC ecosystem;
  • For subscription and downloadable entity
  • Organizing contests
  • Paying out of winners
  • Leasing out of characters
  • Advertisement purposes
  • Further Platform Development.

General ecosystem

WRT earned in contests can be used to download or purchase within WC platform.


Growth of WRT’s Value

Involvement of third-party developers into WC ecosystem and expansion of our own product (animation tube) will lead to growth in users' audience and increase in demand for WRT token.


Exchange for other crypto currency

WRT can be freely exchanged at existing crypto currencies (Bitcoin, ethereum)


Protection against fraud

The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency, incorruptible economic and intellectual transactions, resistant to tampering which allows our users to store, share, view, buy and sell digital information in a security rich environment.


Transfer to Debit card

WRT can be exchanged for fiat money and sent to Debit Card.



WC platform allows users to remain anonymous.


Additional comic audience

Existing additional audience for their own product.


Established platform for advertisement

Developers will have already established decentralized platform where they can advertise their products.



Availability of API allows easy integration of your products into existing WC ecosystem.


Solid Audience

Comics users as well as creators on the same platform using warrior tokens within the ecosystem.



The use of WRT is consistent with legal guidelines and WRT project do not meet the criteria of any activities subject to regulation and licensing.


Use of Ethereum Blockchain

WRT corresponds to ERC223 and support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides reliability and anonymity of economic transactions.


MVP is ready

A minimum viable product is well developed for early token buyers with sufficient features to satisfy our token buyers.


Developed and release our own Animation Platform

As animation tube will develop, the value of token will increase and token owners can integrate easily their work with this animation tube.


Low Risk investment

With the use of blockchain technology, there is no risk of failure and integration with third party developers will increase our audience and also will increase our token values.


High level of Competence amongst WC team

High level of competence within WC team makes it truly reliable and highly efficient security rich platform.


Developed Partnerships with comics and application developers

Our token buyers will develop partnership with us by working under the banner of WC.


Unique market offer

As the value of token will increase, with increasing market values and offers, token holders will earn profits.

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Press Release

Our Team

Damian T

Chief Executive Officer

Business analyst, Blockchain enthusiast, BA, MD, MS
9 + years in the field of Crypto currency. Experience in featured films. Currently working with the team of animation specialists. Passionate about animation and comic industry.

Avinash Chauhan

Avinash Chauhan

Chief Operating Officer

Blockchain technology enthusiast and Tech firm co-founder. 6+ years' experience in leading programming teams & providing technical consultation to blockchain based solutions & Initial Coin Offering projects. Passionatly involved in exploring Blockchain technology & cryptography in depth. Expert in trademark rights (IT sphere).

Anish Chauhan

Anish Chauhan

Artist Consultant

Tech firm co-founder with 7+ year's experience as ad tech advisor with particular interest in video on demand industry. Expertise in supervising startup projects. Blockchain enthusiast having experience in creating monetization strategies.


Deepak Roach

Creative Director

7+ years in IT industry. Enthusiast in film making. 7+ years' experience in animation and editing. Bachelors of Science in animation and multimedia. Creative director, Exceptional hand in writing, comic artist. Passionate about comic films and animation industry.

raman saini

Raman Saini

Senior Software Engineer

5 + years in IT and Research and development with technology. Degree in Software Engineering. Expert in NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, SCALA, Play framework, MongoDB, Reactive Mongo, Spark and still adding. Worked with diverse teams. Able to develop DAPPs using Ethereum, Solidity, ERC20, ERC223, web3JS. Presently Technical Team leader in Trignobit technologies.


Ankur Sharma

Senior Software Engineer

Cryptography expert with 7 + years of full stack development experience. Master's degree in Computer Applications. Developing enterprise level high scalability applications in C#, Scala, DAG, Spark, Big Data, Node JS, React JS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle. Obsessed with research and development based on blockchain and Blockless technologies.

Aditya Patial

Aditya patial

Software Engineer

4 + years in IT and Research and development with technology. Degree in computer science Engineering. Expert in .NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, Play framework, MongoDB, Java Script, Node JS.


Ramandeep Singh

Software Engineer

3+ years experience in programming. Expertise in C#, Node JS, Express JS, React JS programmer. Masters in Computer Science.

Dhyan Singh

Dhyan Singh

Quality Control Head

Quality Control Head, Expertise in planning, directing and coordinating Quality Assurance Programs. Formulation of Quality control policies. Skilled in ensuring products meet standards of quality.


Sujata Sharma

Technical Writer

3+years of experience in technical writing. Passionate about creative work. Enthusiast about comics and animation. 5 +years in health industry. Expertise in technical, academic and creative writing and 1+ year experience as a voice over artist.


Akshita Sharma

Lead Digital Marketer

Lead digital marketer having expertise in ICO promotions, content strategy and branding. 3 years diploma and Bachelor's degree in ECE.

Our Advisors


Jason Daniel Paul Philip


Founder and CEO of ABBC COIN a blockchain based payment solution platform & cryptospehere specialist. An ambitious blockchain admirer having 8+ years experience as a developer & tech entrepreneur.


Jim Shaw


CEO of the Las Vegas Film Festival. Graduated form University of Las Vegas, College of Hotel Administration. He has 40 years of expeience in all kind of marketing and promotions and has worked in culinary arts and some comedy film projects. He is helping in promoting the film festival innovatively with a focus on the comedic genre. Promotor of Avant-garde films & traditional comedic film projects. He also has expeirence in the fields of hospitality, hotel management, real estate, brokerage and investment.


Ace Navone


Graduated form St Mary's College in the San Francisco, California, Bay area. He has worked in banking industry, mortgage. Has 40+ years of experience in banking & finance and stock market, commodities and options trading. Provided funding to new hi-tech industries such as medical software (ASSISTMD) and invested in many startups and advising newbies. He has been a licensed real estate broker in 7 states and also worked in various hotels in various US states. He owns and manages hotels, warehouses, multifamily apartment complexes and shopping centers.


ICO- Initial Coin Offering is a way to raise the funds for the blockchain based projects by underlying the crypto tokens in exchange for the existing cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Warrior Token or WRT is the internal digital token of the Warrior Comics ecosystem to run and manage the internal operations within the platform.

To save the epic stories, available on the WC portal, one must have the subscription. And to get the subscription, the user need to circulate certain amount in the form of Warrior Token. And there are other use cases too such as:
  • To create contest user must hold the prize value worth of WRT within their account in advance.
  • To lease out any of WC character buyer must have WRT token worth of value and agreement that time.
  • To manage and maintain the advertisement model in future.

Yes, the transaction is fully secure and trustworthy as the system is based on the decentralized blockchain technology.

The purchase of Warrior Tokens is limited to only once per user either one can participate in PreSale or can buy during Crowdsale.

Transactions are instantly processed as confirmed by the blockchain. But token distribution may take up to 72 hours max to process a transaction.

Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Yes. During sale; The min amount of Warrior Tokens per user is - 333 WRT and the max amount of Warrior Tokens per user is - 350,000 WRT.

WC team is negotiating with exchanges to get it listed ASAP. It may take upto 3 Months after successful completion of Crowdsale.

Yes. Once the WRT token is listed on crypto exchanges you can start operating it as other crypto assets listed on Crypto Stock Exchanges.